About Etherium Sky

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Simply said – Etherium Sky is a Film & TV production service.  Then again – perhaps “a worldwide, creative production foundry” reflects what we do in more accurate light!
We have produced international, award-winning narratives as well as boundary-pushing documentaries with online following in the millions.  We have worked on major Hollywood blockbusters and we have done commercial projects for world-famous companies & brands.
Occasionally, we also work with local businesses, NGOs, various organizations and community initiatives on a variety of video & media projects.
We are selective about the work we take on and we focus on fun, creative, unique and ethically responsible productions.
We do not keep full time staff or full time physical offices, but rather rely on a trusted network of regular collaborators and set up our production office as needed per project.  This allows us to keep our costs down and offer an even better value to our clients.
After nearly a decade in Hanoi, Vietnam, today we also regularly take on projects out of Berlin (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Chicago (USA) and Mexico City (Mexico) and we continue to be available for productions worldwide.
Types of projects we work on:
  • Narrative Film
  • Music Videos
  • Documentary Film
  • Experimental/Non-Traditional Cinematic Productions
  • Commercials
Check out a few stills from our sets!
We’re a very small production service – but we have completed many large, high-end projects.  On our smallest shoots, at times we work as a one-man crew or a basic 3-person ENG team.  On larger productions, we’ve had crews of over a 100.  We are good at finding creative solutions to production challenges – and adapt our approach based on each project’s needs and each client’s budget.
Our clients include:

Here’s what our clients say about us:

Our film productions have screened internationally, won awards at numerous film festivals and online have reached a following in the millions.

Our client work helps us fund our “in-house” films.  Being independent filmmakers, we push our tiny budgets to the limits and our films get made with sweat, blood and selfless sacrifices.   Still – we have produced award winning narrative films & boundary pushing documentaries with online following in the millions.
Whenever feasible, especially when shooting in poorer parts of the planet – we strive to sustainably involve local communities in our productions and in the stories we tell.
Making films is expensive and some of our past projects have been completed thanks to generous donations of our viewers.  If you find our work meaningful and want to support our upcoming films, you can donate here.
Born in then-communist Poland, educated in the heart of cinema industry in the USA, with his home being Vietnam, his recent base in Berlin and with work experience from all around the world – Matt is a truly international director with numerous film & TV productions behind his belt.
Matt’s roots, heart & key focus have always been in directing narrative film – but he is also an experienced screenwriter, editor & shooter.
Some of the recurring themes in Matt’s works include childhoods, dreams, travel, social isolation, drugs and existentialism.  His cinematic heroes include Andrei Tarkovsky, Alejandro Jodorovsky, Michel Gondry and Taika Waititi.
When not working – Matt likes to disappear among nature – ideally on his dear motorbike, in some faraway corner of the planet.
Work with Etherium Sky

We are always looking to connect with:

  • Film Producers with a solid, proven track record in securing production funding.
  • Experienced Film Distributors and Producers with a strong network and a solid track record in securing commercial film distribution.
  • Screenwriters with a finished script they are ready to pitch. 
    (No first-time screenwriters, please.  We are ONLY seeking scripts from writers who already have at least some industry experience.  Please polish your script format and tweak any spelling errors before submitting.)

We are generally unable to reply to other submissions, unless you are replying to an ad we posted.  Even if you don’t receive a reply, rest assured we got your message and if anything fitting comes along, we’ll reach out to you.

Please note that we do not keep full time staff and we ONLY bring on crew as needed, for each project.  In general, we already have a trusted regular key team.  When in need of extra crew – we post job alerts in our production blog and/or on our Etherium Sky facebook page – so be sure to check both frequently!


We’ve shot projects for next to nothing and we’ve worked on huge-budget, mainstream productions.

Costs can vary greatly and are difficult to estimate unless we know your specific needs.  Even if your budget is limited – please get in touch.  We’re very good at finding creative solutions to make projects both affordable for our clients and worthwhile for us.  So let us know what you’re working with and we’ll propose the most fitting approach!

Please contact us with your project details and we’ll be happy to send you a quote.