(Vietnam, 2015 /// Adventure-Documentary)
Love Market

Directed & Produced by
Matt Dworzańczyk

Associate Producer
Gerry Herman

Hoang Chaizee

Sound Editing
Hoang Thu Thuy, William Cox

Original Musical Soundtrack
Josh Kopeček


“It’s a story of wild & exotic love.  It’s a story of tribal kings and opium trade.  It’s a story of kidnapping and loss.  It’s a story of sexual discovery, of spirits and magic.  It’s a story of government propaganda vs. the fascinating yet harrowing reality of the people.”

Far up in Vietnam’s remote mountains, once a year, a secretive Love Market is held.  Delving beyond the ambiguous myths, this unique, independently produced adventure documentary discovers a reality much more fascinating, even if painful, than the legends told.

Production Stills

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This film has been made in large part thanks to the donations from our viewers.  If you like the project, if you like our past work and our approach, if you want to play an active part in creating another fresh, unique film – please support our work by donating!

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