BBC: The Last Qeej Makers

(Vietnam, 2019 /// Mini-Doc)
BBC: The Last Qeej-Makers

The qeej is a unique musical instrument used by the Hmong people in Vietnam to connect with the spirit world.  We follow two of the last makers of the instrument as they shape its sacred sound from copper and bamboo.

BBC is a British public service broadcaster.  Based in London, it is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization and the largest broadcaster in the world.

Etherium Sky is a regular BBC contributor, producing BBC video stories worldwide.

Matt produced an excellent video for this series that we were really happy with. He was great to work with throughout the project and the cinematography on the film was particularly impressive. He was quick to respond to any edit feedback we had and we will definitely be looking to work with him again.

// Daniel John, BBC

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