(Vietnam & Germany, 2020 /// Experimental/Documentary/Fantasy)
Artist Police

Directed & Produced by
Matt Dworzańczyk

Dao Anh Khanh

Original Musical Soundtrack

Post-Production Sound
William CoxAlex Feldman

After 20 years in censorship police where he restricted artists and controlled art, Dao Anh Khanh switched sides, becoming Vietnam’s most extravagant and controversial performance artist himself.  Our feature length experimental-fantasy-documentary “Artist Police” loosely adapts Khanh’s life story into a thrilling visual experience carefully crafted by accomplished director Matt Dworzanczyk.

Production Stills

Artist Police

This film has been made in large part thanks to the donations from our viewers.  If you like the project, if you like our past work and our approach, if you want to play an active part in creating another fresh, unique film – please support our work by donating!

Artist Police: A Live Audio-Visual Experience

In 2020, the film has been adapted into a live event with its premiere in Berlin!

Artist Police

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