Baby Blue Eyes – a Feature Film

With the help of a mysterious gay man, a rebellious couple from the banks of Hanoi’s Red River aims to overcome their infertility by inventing an imaginary world in which their child is a plastic doll.


This is the basic premise of the new feature film production I’ve been developing.  The film will deal with themes of fertility, tradition, family, poverty, social isolation, homosexuality and dreams.  It will be shot on location in Vietnam by a crew made up of experienced western professionals and some of the top Vietnamese media artists.  The project was first presented in November 2012 at the Hanoi Int’l Film Festival Project Market, where it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from some of the world’s leading media investors.

As it often is with such projects, however, my biggest difficulty has been raising the necessary funds.  Although in the west this film would be considered a micro-budget production, it’s still a long and frankly frustrating task when day by day you have to beg and plead with everyone to support you when all you really want to do is finally make your film…

On a good note, though, the first draft of the screenplay is now complete and it has been shortlisted for selection in the 2014 Sundance Labs at the Sundance Film Festival in the US.  I’m not getting my hopes up just yet, but should be hearing back from the selection committee by mid-December.  Their program is quite exclusive, so of course it would be pretty darn wonderful to be selected…  And I’m quite sure fundraising would also become exponentially easier if I had their backing hehe.  Aside from Sundance, I have also applied to the project markets at Berlinale in February 2014 and should also be hearing back within a few weeks.

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So keep your fingers crossed for me!  If all goes well, we would shoot at the end of 2014 and hopefully release the film in cinemas by late 2015!

And if by any chance you’re interested in investing – please get in touch and I’ll be happy to send you a comprehensive investment/proposal package!