Seeking Vietnamese Voice Actor for “Artist Police”

Artist Police Seeking Voice Actor
We are currently in late post production with an independent feature film called ‘Artist Police‘, loosely telling the true story of Dao Anh Khanh – a long time censorship police officer turned Vietnam’s most bizarre and controversial artist.

We need a voice actor to record a key narration for the film.  We are ONLY seeking the following requirements:

  • You MUST be 50~65yrs old & a Male
  • You MUST speak English (at least intermediate level – if you can’t communicate in ENG at all, it won’t work)
  • You MUST have an authentic Hanoi accent when you speak English
  • Top priority will be given to candidates based either in Berlin, Germany or Chicago, US – which is where we have our sound recording facilities.  Although as a last resort we will consider locals from Hanoi area.  We cannot consider submissions from other locations.
  • You do NOT need experience – although it’s a big plus.

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If interested:

Please record yourself reading the below few sentences and send to us along with your submission.  No need for professional recording.  Phone recording is ok – just make sure you’re in a quiet place and do your best to speak in a natural way – as you would if this was a professional recording.  Please also include a few words about yourself and your potential past experience in voice acting with your submission.

I was born in Hanoi.  It was a time of the war in Vietnam and Americans were bombing the city.  So at 5 years old, I left to live in the countryside, 100 km away, in Tai Binh province.
There, I discovered nature.  In the early morning, a mist would appear, drops of dew would form on the grass, the sun would shine, the air was fresh.  Every day I’d swim in the river, I’d chase fish and small forest animals.”

The only art in Vietnam at that time was propaganda art.  It followed communist styles and the government did not accept any other art.  It locked people’s minds; made me feel like a stupid man all the time!


Payment is negotiable for the right candidate.  This is a self-funded, independent film with a minuscule budget – although the production is of highest quality and the film is directed by an accomplished, award winning director based in Vietnam for many years.  We expect the film to show at a number of film festivals once it is completed.  In total, we’d only need you for about 3hrs in the studio.

More on the film at .
Please send your submissions to .