“Di Uong” – Always.Gam

(Vietnam, 2012 /// Music Video)
“Di Uong” – Always.Gam
From the production blog:

“We had a very tight deadline and no budget, but also lots of good energy, great people and a bit of luck (Thanks, Tiger girls!).  The idea was to have a nice, sunny, relaxed, ‘Hanoi’ -feel and we thought that having each band member roll around with “bia hoi’s” loaded up on their bikes was a nice way to show the fun times we’ve all had in this great city.  The production wasn’t without issues, from lack of qualified manual-gear-bike drivers (I couldn’t manage to drive 4 bikes and a sidecar at the same time… though I tried…) and nasty weather to multiple and persistent post-production problems (in other words, a typical production).  Nonetheless, it was a fun little project and the song is very catchy, so I hope it does well promoting Always as well as the constantly evolving Hanoi music scene.”

Matt Dworzanczyk –

Production Stills

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