Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love – Public Release Info

We’ve been getting many messages from excited viewers, our early supporters and other curious souls eager to finally see our newest production of Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love.

We are really sorry that it has taken us this long to get the film out to all of you and we wanted to post this little update to let you know what’s been going on and why we’ve decided to push the release numerous times already.

Essentially – for some good time now we’ve been fully ready to release the film to the public, but we’ve been at a crossroads.  One one side – we have potential distribution.  If this works out, our film could potentially end up in theatres, on TV, VOD, on services like Netlix etc.  This would help us reach a much wider audience and – hopefully – we’d be able to find some compensation to offset our out-of-pocket production costs.  However – this is not an easy process, takes a lot of time and success is far from guaranteed.  On the other hand we have self-distribution, much like we did with DPRK: The Land of Whispers.  This way we’re fully in control and distribute directly to our audience, however the numbers of viewers we are able to reach are then always a huge gamble and this also means we likely would never make back anything even close to the budget we’ve invested into the production.  Money’s not a goal here – but it’s the only way we can continue with future projects.

Annoyingly – we cannot have both.  Self-distribution would most likely kill our chances at commercial distribution and commercial distributors would also not allow the film to be freely distributed online.  Rest assured, however, that this is NOT a crossroads we’ll be stuck at for much longer.  The film is very current & relevant *now* – and it is very important to us to get it out to our viewers, whether it be through commercial distribution or self-release, as soon as it is possible.

The film is fully ready to go either way and by this coming Monday, August 1st – I hope to either have the film live on our Etherium Sky online channels or to have specific release info as to where/how it would be available to the public.

Thank you all for being so patient and understanding with us!  And although I have said this before – I do promise, it is mere days away now!


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Public Screenings

Despite the above ‘dilemma’, we have actually been running a limited “self-distribution campaign” by organizing numerous screenings of & talks on the film in cities across the world.  We’ve screened In Hanoi, Saigon, Berlin & Chittagong (Bangladesh).  Our filmmakers were there for Q&A sessions and we are planning at least a couple more screenings of the film in cities across Europe later this summer and/or in early fall.

If you are interested in having us hold a showing in your region of the world – do get in touch!  There are really no places we consider ‘too remote’.  We are very open to making our way to any corner of the world where viewers will welcome us!  If you can help us lock a fitting screening venue and spread the word to bring together your local audiences – we’ll do what we can to bring the film to you!

Check out some photos from past events below!  For more stills and updates also be sure to check out Etherium Sky on Facebook.

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Berlin Screening at Vetomat / June 2016

Hanoi / TPD Cinema / July 2016

Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon Int’l Film School / July 2016

Berlin / Open Air Kino / July 2016